Forever Flawless after one Month !


Well it has been well over one month into my new forever flawless beauty routine and I wanted to get my routine down before I commented further on the products I am reviewing. So far I have managed to stick with the routine but the daily routine has a few extra steps that Seemed daunting at first . My night routine is a little more involved than I would like with two different serums and two different creams it is all very basic but wondering if applying eye serum and skin tightening serum are both needed? It would be nice if one serum could do both jobs. The night cream goes on well and is quiet soothing. The cleanser I am finding very different , I am not use to a cleanser that does not foam or produce any suds and seems to sink into the skin more like a moisturizer than a cleanser. I was wondering how clean my skin is getting so I used some toner after my cleanse and found it was not removing all of my titanium dioxide powdered sun screen so I recommend still using a makeup remover for removing any heavy makeup especially eye makeup. I do like how the cleanser feels on my skin it leaves my skin feeling well nourished and moist but not oily. This type of cleanser is great for thinner and drier skin because it locks in moisture and gives you a complexion that feels fresh. I personally think a softening toner could be added to help with the absorption of your night cream.
Diamond Infused Micro Abrasion, Skin Tightening Mask

Now aside from the daily routine I have been doing a weekly skin micro abrasion and a skin tightening mask this is my Friday spa day.

Diamond Infused Thermal Mask,Vitamin C Booster, Serum and Age-defying Cream

Every mouth I set a side a few hours on the weekend to do my monthly routine involving a diamond infused thermal mask with vitamin C booster that sets off the mask and it feels warm and soothing to the face. You definitely feel like you are in the spa when applied you just close your eyes and after about 10 to 15 minutes you wash off. You follow the mask with an age-defying serum and an Age-Defying cream.

Collagen Reconstructive mask ,Collagen Serum, and Collagen Boosting Cream
At the same time that I apply the thermal mask and vitamin C booster to my face I also do a Collagen Reconstructive mask to my neck. It is so important not to over look your neck in a beauty routine. The Collagen reconstructive mask goes on first and after about ten minutes you just use your hand to rub it off and follow up with a Collagen Serum and a Diamond Infused Collagen Boosting Cream it really does feel like you have had a day at the spa and I enjoy it so much.
I try and stretch it out into a two day spa retreat by applying an Age-Defying Mask the following day.

Diamond Infused Age-Defying Mask

This two part process is a little tricky applying by yourself and is a lot easier if you have someone to assist. You start by laying on towel covered flat surface my heated tile bathroom floor works well but a bed would work too. Prepare the mask by opening the package and removing it. Grab the top of the mask with booth hands using your fingers to pinch it apply as you are laying back and resting head on the towel adjust mouth nose and eyes as needed lay back relax and listen to some nice zen music. This mask takes about 15 minutes to soak in to your skin but I like to leave it on for longer and just enjoy it. After you are feeling refreshed peel it off and apply the Diamond Infused Hydrating Serum. Now that you are done have a look in the mirror your face will sparkle with Diamonds. I usually want to go shopping after this routine because I feel like a million Dollars.

Before I started using Forever Flawless

Notice the appearance of fine wrinkles under the eyes.


after one month using forever flawless

Notice the fine lines are reduced under the eyes.


There is not a big difference after just a few months but I do feel like my skin is in better shape and has a more youthful appearance .

Please stay tuned it is still early in the process and I am hoping for a long lasting youthful appearance only time will tell.

Hugs Sarah !

A new chapter of an old book

Just when I had given up hope of making it in the cruel world of modeling a shinny new email appeared in my inbox. I opened it with caution thinking it was yet another spam or Trojan virus, I was so surprised at what I was reading I had to actually put my phone down in the passenger seat beside me and go back to concentrating on navigating the busy freeway a head of me. Before you pass judgement on people that use there phone while driving you should know I never use it to talk I just text oh and watch the occasional movie. I could not wait to get home and read it again I was sure it said they wanted to fly me to New York to film for an episode on showtime. This can’t be right I am sure it was a misunderstanding or this was sent by mistake a kind of “oops I pressed send to all” situation. I sat in front of the computer reading and rereading the email with my mouth wide open sure enough it was meant for me. A little back story if I may, My only real success on being a transgender model has come from the fetish wear industry and for me more specific the femskin. The femskin is a full latex body suit that comes in different colours and styles. They were designed for crossdressers but have become fetish wear for both men and women. I would say the flesh tone style is the most popular and the one I model for them. I have had been featured in several magazines and web sites wearing one. So this email was an offer to fly me to New York to model their las test design only one problem this was going to be on main stream television. Now I realize the chances of my grand mother watching this on television is slim but still this was not the usual spread featured in a magazine that was destined to sit in a dimly lit porn shop and Leafed through by perverts at two in the morning. If this is my big break I will take it if it is the end of my failed modelling quest then why not go out on top.