Things have been Amazingly Crazy

 I started this blog to highlight the pitfalls and winfalls of life as a transgender actress. It really is a struggle being in this situation and the stigmatism and bias towards transgenders is rampid. I have had dropped calls and not interested thrown in my face to the point that it is just my expectation. I have managed to keep smiling and just move on. 

Recently things have been Amazingly Crazy. I have continued in my adventures as a transgender model and actress. I truely believe that fate plays a huge roll in my life.  With fate as my ruler for the last two years I have been letting it guide me.  I have continued to advance my skills through acting school and college. This past week was another mile stone for me producing my own photoshoot. I was asked by a client to model for a new product. I have worked with this company before so they know my capabilities and commitment. They gave me their blessing and trust to produce photos for their new product.  I loved controlling all aspects of the job. I busily went to work scouting locations, selecting complementary wardrobe and the hiring of staff. 


I have decided I am not going to let others to bring me down when I can just as easily boost myself up.  The shoot was a great success and has lead to a spread in a national magazine. I have now been asked by a United Kingdom Television Company to be interview for a documentary.

So I am giving you a little cheer and a big smile 


Miss Sarah Luv

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