Forever Flawless the beginning of a two year review

My Quest for beauty has had many twist and turns.
I would not say I am in panic mode yet but I am aware of the hideous affects of aging and the lines on my face are an all to real constant reminder of this slow relentless enemy. I am not one of these people that is going to quietly age in silence or accept that there is nothing to be done. Hell No !! I am going to fight kicking and screaming over every line and wrinkle. The question I have is there a good solution to correcting the damage and halting the aging process. Could the STARS have the answer and be reluctant to share? No not those twinkling distant lights in the night sky I am talking about those immortal looking legends that captivate our attention here on earth. What is their secrete to ever lasting beauty. Some are seeking surgery while others are all to happy to desperately stick poisons in there face to kill their muscles. Their are some among them that have discovered that a natural and holistic way to deal with stress and not showing the effects of ageing is possible. Some Stars are a bit more tight lipped about their beauty secretes.

This is where Forever Flawless into the picture you may have seen their products being sold in upscale malls and wondered what it was all about. If you want to know more about the process look no further I am embarking on a two year quest to give all their products a full review in my quest I will give a non biased detailed report on all their products and how I respond to results.

I began this project not to prove or disprove any of company’s claims. I was simply in the mall one day and was approached by one of their representatives. She was pleasantly informative and easy to talk with but most importantly was willing to listen to my concerns on aging. The more we talked the more I liked the idea of trying out their products so we did a micro abrasion test on my wrists and I was amazed at the instant results. We tested it first on the wrist to ensure no reactions. Honestly after seeing the results on my wrist I was eager to try the micro abrasion on my face. The idea to blog about it came later. I was on the computer researching this company when I came across several posts claiming this was a scam after reading the posts I came to the conclusion
that the people writing the posts had a bad encounter and a miscommunication with a sales person and they where judging the product on this rather than taking a real look at what the product is actual suppose to do. I know their are no Miracles when it comes to aging but if there is products to help combat the signs of aging then I am willing to explore them with an open mind.

I returned to the spa and had another pleasant one on one this time with the manger she was enthusiastic, well informed and happy to help. We discussed my main concerns and problem areas and we developed a personal routine that was not as daunting as I expected. My twice daily cleansing routine stayed the same but I added a daily eye serum and eye cream to help with the notorious big bags and the wrinkles around my eyes. In addition to the daily routine I am going to do a once a week micro abrasion, a tightening mask, an facial wrinkle serum on problem areas, and a monthly wrinkle lifting mask with enriched vitamin c and a monthly serum as well as a spa treatment with a diamond infused mask. We sampled all the products I was to use in my routine at the spa and I was taught proper application techniques.
My first impressions of the products are very good no chemical smells or harsh reaction I fact they are very easy on the skin. Each product works well in combination and has a feel of quality when applied. The nice thing about using good quality products is the fact you don’t have to use a lot so the portions will last a full year.

This is a photo at the start of my journey



 please join Sarah Luv on her journey to become Forever Flawless and see how my appearance changes.

Three days and still stars in my eyes

I have finally calmed down enough to write about my New York trip. It was a whirl wind and I was so strung out on nervous energy, I was not able to sleep for the entire time.  I did not want to wake up and have it only be a dream but mainly there was just so much that needed doing in such a short time that sleep was just not in the cards.
I arrived in JFK international after a short wait and a connecting flight from San Francisco . The airport was dated and dull and could really use a makeover. It serves it’s purpose and not everything in life needs to be shiny and new. I exited through the front doors And was relieved to see a man that was not smiling but none the less holding my name. I felt kind of special that is until hle whisked my bags away from me and I had to walk quickly to keep up with him. I managed to saver the moment while waiting for a crosswalk signal I noticed along line of yellow cabs jostling for a potion out front of the terminal and using colourful language. The moment was fleeting when crosswalk light changed and I was once again began chasing the man with my lugauage down a dimly lit car park. Thank god he finally stopped at a large black town car and held the door for me to hope in. As we drove he began to speak with what I thought was a New Jersey accent , it turned out he was from Staten Island and a rather nice fellow. Along the way he pointed out things that he thought I would be interested in and the drive to my hotel room was informative. I learned on one side of the freeway was Brooklyn and not a bad area to visit on the other side was Jamaican town that looked identical but apparently not a tourist destination.

We arrived at the hotel and was pleased to have them greet me with a warm welcome. A little to nice and over top what was up with all the niceties ? I wondered? The usual “We have been expecting you all day so glad to have you stay with us “was followed by “we are hoping everything is to your satisfaction. “said one will the other said” there is a parcel that came for you in the mail I will hand deliver it for you” as they checked me in with smiles from ear to ear I stood puzzled “Everything is as you request and if there is anything you need be sure you ring for us” the front desk clerk said as she handed me my room key. I grabbed the key card that read manhattan suite I began to understand my situation a little better. Dear god what have I got myself into how big was this production that they are able to put a small time model in a luxury hotel room. The porter open the door to my room on the top floor and there in front of me in two full stories of window stood the entire manhattan skyline I just stood there awe struck until the porter asked me “if that would be all ?” ” Yes yes that was so good and I fumbled for a couple twenties for a tip. I wanted to jump on the bed and phone all my friends but needed to get ready for tomorrow so out came the wardrobe that I had lugged across the country. It did not take long to unpack and I sat for a moment enjoying the view when I quiet knock on the door interrupted my thought pattern and I went to open the door there was the front desk clerk still smiling from ear to ear and as promised holding a large cardboard box for me. I slipped him twenty dollars as he placed it on the front entrance desk and I motioned at the door with a whisk of the my wrist and” thank you that will do ” I added a quick “yes I will be sure to call if I need anything else. ” I was not trying to be rude just excited to open the box containing the new and improved femskin IV. It was so light I could not wait to try it on. Standing in front of the windows for all of New York to see. I spent the rest of the night trying on outfits and by five in the morning I was ready to start applying make up. This would be my shinning moment in front of the big screen why was I doing this to myself and were the hell is my hairbrush and razors? Oh God That’s it you know the item that you always mistakenly leave behind even though you went over it a thousand times in your head. Great I am going to be the
bearded woman on national television if I was not so horrified I would of started to cry. Well they said down at the front desk if I needed anything so I called down and sure enough they found replacement for both my missing items and quickly sent them to my room. My makeup went on so slowly and I must have spent a good half hour on just my eyes. Everything although slow went well and I managed to not glue my eyes shut while attaching my eyelashes.
I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself okay world here comes Sarah Luv ready or not My life will never be the same after today