Busy days and bathing bees

Getting ready to travel on short notice always adds stress to ones life, couple it with an early spring bloom and it makes for some busy days. The week started off with a last minute schedule change and I was left with four days notice to get ready for a New York modelling shoot. I would be supplying my own stylist and wardrobe aka me. There is nothing I like better than shopping so a full on spree was in order. the instructions were simple bring three outfits colour is recommended. Dam only three my live just got tougher I hate limited clothing choices. Off I went with a few thoughts off what I would like tho wear first stop the usual haunts Guess, H&M, forever 21 nice but no luck . Next stop winners I can usually find some nice random picks and luck would have it I struck gold a nice coral colour leather jacket and a coral print dress. A flowing white see through dress and some beautiful lace details so so hot. Next I need to make these outfits sizzle and nothing does that better than accessories . I know most of the good little boutiques in Victoria and I picked up some great stuff. Two outfits down one to go I would go through my own closest and see what I can find with out any problem there sat in front of me sixteen perfect out fits. I hate choosing but I have a fifty pound weight limit for the air fight. the thought of wearing multiple outfits on to the airplane cross my mind but no. Time to weed out the mediocre. Let the cull begin must pack the essentials first make up , fur coat, and shoes have to go with me to hard and expensive to buy there. Well that that took care of twenty pounds And I am left with thirty pounds and a carry on. My house looked like a tornado whipped through leaving a trail of mismatched clothing on every available piece of floor chair and counter. I eventually got it down to one extremely large make up case eight outfits,three pair of high heel shoes ,one pair of high heel boots,fur-coat,four leather jackets , hats, gloves , purses, accessories oh and all my camera gear dam I forgot about the camera gear. Mission Fitting them all in one bag and one carry on impossible ???? No never Is stuffed and worked my magic like a puzzle master and by sitting on top and pushing I manage to get the zipper closed. Next the weigh-in a few simple calculation and yup 79 pounds !!! almost thirty pounds over weight . New approach okay all the useless crap had to go I will put my three pair of shoes in my carry on and cut back the camera gear. I can wear as much as I can and stuff the rest in my pockets. Done and done just then the phone rings.
I answer it is about my add I have listed for Masson bees (orchard bees) . I forgot about me bees no I am not taking them with me but I can’t leave them unwashed because Victoria is beginning to blossom and clients want to get their bees. A few years ago while sitting on my back porch I could not help feel dejected while staring at the apple trees in my back yard oasis . Another stellar year I thought to myself last year I produced one perfect apple that was it not even enough for an apple turnover. Is that all I would see this year ? What am I doing wrong well with a little help from google I narrowed it down to lack of pollination. I could either pollinate them by hand or get bees. What the hell happen to Mother Nature did she go on vacation? No turns out the honey bees are having a tough go of it. After some research I realized mason bees were the answer. I built a few a bee hives or houses and bit the built and bought the ten bee starter kit and began to raise bees in hopes of a good harvest. Fast forward three years and I am now known in Victoria as a reputable bee supplier. I am more popular than the garden centres because well I sell a top quality product at a cheap price but it still manages to pay for a family vacation every year. Wow I can’t believe it was time for the annual bathing of the bees. The bees are not dirty or smelly just have a problem with might and if you don’t take care of them it will wipe out your entire colony so a good bath in a light bleach solution will do the trick it is not harmful to the bees but kills the mights. After I carefully clean and dry them I store them in my fridge in a can boldly marked bees just incase someone unknowingly opens them.
The day of my flight has arrived and all my early customers are happy with there bees I am so excited to get going but as usual it’s three in the morning and I am arranging my bag in the back seat of my car at the airport. when I finally get to the check out wearing many layers of clothing and a pleasant smile I see the girl is flustered. I am the only one standing in line and she beckons me to step up. She states that her computer is not excepting her pass word but would check me in manually since I am the only one in line. The Moment of dread “do you have any bags to check “she asked? ” just one ” I reply with my best boyish grin (insert sparkly eyes here ) as I put it on the scale and the numbers instantly read 59 lbs. Mabye she won’t notice I think to myself she was distracted bye having to manually process my ticket. Nope she looks over at the weight scale and sighs she starts the sentence with “I can’t ” my heart sinks but then she goes on to
Say “charge you for that my computer is not working, I will just put a heavy sticker on it “. and then began to mumble something about the company not providing her the tools to do her job. Yes that was awesome but as I watched the bag track along the conveyer belt I realized I could of put my shoes back in the checked luggage so I did not have to explain to security why I was packing around stiletto heels.
Well what do you know random body search for me I’m so lucky and complete removal of everything in my carry-on luggage my panties, shoes, and bras proudly displayed for inspection. Embarrassing no not really but explaining the the neck collars and random bondage items a little awkward. Mental note do not try and bring a belt with a hand cuff buckle on an USA bound flight unless you want a pat down. The rest of the fight went off with out much trouble next stop NewYork.



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